Cultivate & Capture Opportunity

Tilton Development Company ("TDC") is an Arizona-based diversified real estate development company with the capacity to develop and construct its own commercial and residential projects while also providing third party consulting services to other real estate projects and completed assets through its affiliated companies. These affiliated companies include Tilton & Associates, LLC ("TAA") rendering various real estate development consulting services to third party clients and Tilton Construction Company ("TCC").

Dan Tilton founded Tilton Development Company with the mission to cultivate and capture opportunity, exercise careful diligence and creativity in planning and problem solving and thereafter execute projects that are well conceived and profitable.

Why Us

In comparison to many other real estate development companies, TDC has the following advantages:

  • Product Diversity

    The real estate development expertise of TDC is not limited to anyone particular product type or land use. TDC has the expertise to develop a large variety of product types and land uses from small commercial and residential projects to larger mixed-use projects.

  • Agility

    As a smaller real estate development company, TDC is more agile and flexible to the many changes which are inherent to the development process itself. As such, TDC is able to act and execute more quickly than many of its competitors.

  • Consulting Services

    With its consulting services, TAA is consistently exposed to all aspects of the local real estate development market. This broad exposure enables TAA to be aware of more information at an earlier stage in the development timeline, which yields benefits for TAA clients and TAA development projects alike.